After adding your school, you are instructed to generate pay-in-slip and deposit fees in SBI.



01.   Pay-in-slips are generated school-wise. Even if more than one pay-in-slip can be generated under a particular school.

02.   In order to generate a pay-in-slip, you have to click on the Generate Pay-In-Slip link on the home page and a form will appear where you have to select the school and the number of candidates as shown below.


After selecting proper criteria, a button will appear automatically to generate pay-in-slip. Click on this button and pay-in-slip will now be generated within a while. Take a print-out of this pay-in-slip by selecting A4 and Landscape properties of the printer layout. After printing the pay-in-slip will somehow look like the picture shown below.



Please note that this pay-in-slip has three parts : (a) Institution copy (b) Board copy and (c) Bank copy



03.   After printing pay-in-slip, make signature at the bottom of each copy with seal from the head of the institution.

04.   Go to any State Bank of India (SBI) branch and deposit the requisite amount (as specified on the slip) by showing the pay-in-slip to the concerned bank officer. Account number for depositing fees is specified on the slip.

05.   Bank will give a Journal number after receiving fees. Please note that this Journal number is written on the three copies with proper date.

06.   Bank will retain the Bank copy of the pay-in-slip and hand over you the remaining two copies. Retain these two copies with you for future reference.

07.   Please note that if you have generated pay-in-slip for two candidates, you can only submit application forms of two candidates by using this pay-in-slip or the concerned journal number provided by the bank.



08.   After depositing fees in SBI, bank must have provided a Journal number on the pay-in-slip.

09.   Now go the home page of the software and click on the Submit Journal Number link. A form will appear as shown below.


You have to select the proper pay-in-slip number from the list and enter the journal number of this slip and date provided by the bank. Once the form is successfully submitted, the pay-in-slip number will not be shown in the list.


Now you can proceed to fill up the application form.